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Remote is our entry level support package, providing a means to expand their Helpdesk offering and cater to higher demand. This package provides unlimited remote support during office hours.

The quantity amount chosen acts as the amount of server's you would like support for.

NOTE: The quantity below represents the number of devices for support.
Minimum purchase of 10 devices.

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Helpdesk Service Overview

The Helpdesk Solution brings together a world-class team of IT professionals dedicated to delivering unfaltering client support. We allow all our customers� to experience the benefits of highly trained Helpdesk experts without the associated costs, risks and ramp up time of an in house team.

Yes Unlimited Support (Office Hours)Unlimited Support (Office Hours)Unlimited Support 24x7
Yes Proactive MonitoringProactive MonitoringProactive Monitoring
Yes Contract SLAContract SLAContract SLA
Yes Monthly ReportsMonthly ReportsMonthly Reports
Yes Best Practises AnalyzerBest Practises AnalyzerBest Practises Analyzer
Yes Quarterly Business ReviewsQuarterly Business ReviewsQuarterly Business Reviews
Yes Patch ManagementPatch ManagementPatch Management
Yes Anti-VirusAnti-VirusAnti-Virus
Yes Network SupportNetwork SupportNetwork Support
Yes Automation and RemediationAutomation and RemediationAutomation and Remediation
 Onsite SupportOnsite Support

Service Levels

Helpdesk Services are provided on three levels, Remote, Onsite and 24*7.

Remote is our entry level support package, providing a means to expand the Helpdesk offering and cater to higher demand.

This package provides unlimited support during office hours and allows instant team growth with complete commitment to pre-defined KPIs and performance measures.

Onsite is our wrap around Helpdesk Solution, providing our customers� with on-site support delivered by our expertly trained Technicians plus, the benefits of the Remote package.

24*7 is our optimum Helpdesk Package, providing around the clock technical support both on and off-site. Suited to those who want to alleviate an internal team from the Helpdesk function altogether, this is the complete Helpdesk Solution.

Servcie Definitions

Unlimited Support (8am-6pm or 24*7 Depending on Package)

Either 8am-6pm Support Monday to Friday, or 24*7*365 Break/Fix Support across all the devices, users, and servers that we support. Whether it is email or phone, your POD will be available to help.

Pro-Active Monitoring

Using best of breed RMM tools, we will pro-actively monitor devices to ensure they are ticking over nicely. When an alert is created or raised, the POD will act. Often helping avoid issues before they arise for the business.

Contracted SLA

Our SLAs remain simple and easy to follow, ensuring that the requests that need urgent help get it, every time.

Monthly Reports

Using our best in breed tools we are able to generate and schedule reports, so you are always in the know as to what your tickets/customers devices currently look like.

Best Practises Analyzer

Our team work to industry best practises, where possible and during internal reviews, your customers will be analysed to see if any proactive recommendations can be made. This includes emerging security threats.

Quarterly Business Reviews

It is important that QBRs include technical guidance and advice. If you would like our opinion or want one of the team to provide guidance for the mutual customer, just let us know. We can help with content for you to discuss.

Patch Management

Using the RMM that provides pro-active monitoring and reporting, we can set Patch Management schedules to ensure your customers devices stay up to date. These are usually run in a set and forget basis, where any failures or notifications are dealt with promptly to ensure customers are protected. This typically only includes Window OS devices.


At a minimum, we ensure that all customers have a fair level of protection from threats so, we include Sophos Central Endpoint with all our unlimited contracts.

Network Support

When we look after the entirety of the customer, we take on support for the network too, this includes firewalls, VOIP phones, printers, APs and most other things that connect to the network (within reason of course).

Automation and Remediation

To drive quick resolutions and remediations, we have a development team focused on recurring alerts or events. If we see something a few times, we will likely be looking for ways to automate. This means your client�s issues are fixed faster and without the painful disruption.

On-Site Support*

When a supported device breaks, we will try our best to fix it remotely. If that isn�t possible, we will attend site the next business day, during business hours. Coverage is almost entirely nationwide! Unfortunately, there are a few areas we cannot get to, if this is the case, we will let you know during the contract phase.

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