Nutanix Cloud Platform: One Platform to Run Apps & Data Anywhere

Nutanix is a game-changer for data centres, offering a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution that simplifies IT management and boosts agility. Unlike traditional setups with separate servers, storage, and networking components, Nutanix combines these elements into a software-driven platform. This simplifies deployment, reduces complexity, and improves scalability.  Nutanix empowers businesses to run any application, from virtual desktops to mission-critical databases, on a unified and easily managed infrastructure. They offer a variety of software products catering to virtualisation, containerisation, database management, and security, all within their HCI framework. With Nutanix, businesses gain a powerful and flexible solution that lowers IT costs, streamlines operations, and accelerates innovation.

✡ Limited Time VMware Migration Offer

Migrate to Nutanix with 1 year of free licensing and migration support. Take advantage of this limited-time promotion for deployments on numerous platforms, including core datacenter, edge, or public cloud.

Why Customers Win with Nutanix Cloud Platform:

Customers win with Nutanix Cloud Platform's software-defined architecture, data services, streamlined operations, and universal application deployment. This yields superior flexibility, efficient data management, and simplified operations.

Software-defined Architecture

Move to a server-based architecture to leverage cloud-like economics, flexible scaling, and highly portable operations.

Comprehensive Data Services

Manage and protect all your data with high-performance data services that simplify data mobility and improve security. 

Identical Operations

Deliver consistent operations across clouds, whether on-premises, at the edge, or in public environments.

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI):

A modern platform with hyperconverged compute, storage, virtualisation, and networking at the core.

High Performance Storage

Accelerate and protect your most demanding applications with software-defined storage that scales with your applications.

Flexible and Open Compute

Run VMs and Containers on the enterprise hypervisor AHV to reduce risk and cost.

Automated and Secure Networking

Prevent cyber attacks and data loss with native platform hardening, security auditing, and protection from network threats. 

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM):

A unified solution for automating platform management and delivering a self-service cloud interface to developers and application owners across the global hybrid multicloud.

Intelligent Operations

Optimise infrastructure management at scale through  predictive analytics and task automation.


Streamline how teams manage, deploy and scale applications across the hybrid multicloud with self-service, automation and centralised role-based governance.

Cost Governance

Enhance financial accountability through strategic resource optimisation, precise cloud metering, chargeback insights, and visibility across private and public clouds.

Security Central

Empower teams to detect, tackle, and prevent security threats & vulnerabilities with unified, intelligent analysis for real-time protection and regulatory compliance.

Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS):

Modern software-defined data services platform that consolidates file, objects, and block storage into a single platform with integrated cyber security and ransomware protection. 

Unified Data Services

Unify the deployment, management, and protection of file, block, and object storage with flexible, capacity-based licensing.

Security-First Design

Integrate data security and analytics while providing deep data insights to prevent, detect and quickly recover from ransomware and cyber attacks.

Scale with Performance

Scale-out architecture to start small and grow as needed or extend to cloud/edge with multi-clusters and multi-sites while improving performance. 

Nutanix Database Service (NDB):

Hybrid multicloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that helps speed application development and simplify database administration.

Accelerate Software Development

Enable developers to easily deploy, clone, and refresh databases directly from development environments to support agile software development.

Simplified Database Administration

Automate database admin tasks like provisioning and patching to ensure operational and security best practices are applied consistently while freeing up DBAs for higher-value tasks.

Reliable Performance, Security and Scalability

Enjoy performance, security and scalability for all your databases running on modern hybrid multicloud infrastructure - on-premises and in the public cloud.

Nutanix Cloud Platform Overview:

Why You Can Count on Nutanix:

Take advantage of what Nutanix offers versus VMware, including the efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility of unified hybrid multicloud management. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing VMware environment or find a VMware alternative, Nutanix is the ideal choice.

  Nutanix VMware
Best Hybrid Multicloud Experience: One unified platform across datacenters, clouds, and edge
Nutanix provides the best hybrid multicloud experience by allowing you to manage datacenters, clouds, and the edge as a single entity.
Simplest Operations: Multicloud IaaS with a consistent and identical operating model
Nutanix software is consistently managed across on-prem, AWS, and Azure environments. By contrast, VMware is customer-managed on-premises, VMware-managed in AWS, and Azure-managed in Azure.
Best-in-class Customer Satisfaction: Migration toolkit and industry-leading support with 90 Net Promoter Score
Nutanix has customers covered for workload mobility with industry-leading support (seven-year average NPS score of 90) and with migration toolkits (Nutanix Move - a cross-hypervisor mobility solution to move VMs with minimal downtime).

Why Rely on the Nutanix Cloud Platform for All Your Apps and Data?

  Nutanix VMware
Best HCI Architecture
Single, unified HCI architecture for mixed workloads
Fast Upgrades
Full-stack and consistent security upgrades
Secure and Resilient
Secure by default with native VM-level data encryption
Minimise Downtime
Enterprise-grade disaster recovery
Easy License Portability
Across clouds and on-premises
Fast Path to the Cloud
Nutanix HCI on Azure BareMetal solution
Fully Unified Storage
Consolidated and simplified file, object, and block storage management

Mapping VMware Products to Nutanix

The following table should help you map from the VMware products you currently use to the corresponding functionality in the Nutanix ecosystem. Note that in most cases, the corresponding Nutanix functionality is not licensed separately, simplifying procurement.

(Any Problems?)
VMware Products ❌
Nutanix Products ✅
(What you need to know)
Notes & Considerations
VMware Cloud Foundation 

Nutanix Cloud Platform

Nutanix Cloud Platform supports hybrid and multicloud deployments utilising NCI & NC2

Nutanix AHV

You can continue to run vSphere in all on-premises deployments. AHV, the native Nutanix hypervisor, is included as part of a Nutanix subscription and is the only supported hypervisor for NC2 deployments

AOS Storage

AOS Storage functionality is included as part of NCI and NC2. It does not have to be licensed separately

Flow Virtual Networking 

FVN is included with NCI Pro and NCI Ultimate licensing
VMware Cloud on AWS

Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS

NC2 utilises NCI licenses which can be flexibly moved between on-prem and cloud locations without requiring re-licensing
VMware Cloud

Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure

Nutanix Prism provides infrastructure and virtualisation management for Nutanix. It is included with NCI and NC2

Nutanix Prism Central

Depending on licensing level, NCM encompasses the capabilities of the VMware Aria Suite (vRealize Suite), and CloudHealth
VMware Aria Suite 

Nutanix Cloud Manager

Included with all NCM licenses
VMware Aria Operations
VMware Aria Automation

NCM Intelligent Operations
NCM Self-Service

Included with all NCM licenses
VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth

NCM Cost Governance

Included with NCM Pro and Ultimate licenses
VMware Aria Operations for Networks

Nutanix Security Central

Included with NCM Ultimate license, NCI Pro license with security add-on, and NCI Ultimate license

Nutanix Software Licensing: Nutanix uses a simple subscription-based software licensing model. Recognising that complex licensing and high licensing costs can be significant pain points for VMware customers. Nutanix makes every effort to keep both our product structure and licensing simple and flexible. If further discussion of licensing is need contact us to discuss further.

Migration Pathways

Download the VMware to Nutanix Migration Guide.
It addresses the following migration pathways...

On-Premises Migration Pathways

  • From VMware software running on traditional three-tier infrastructure
  • From a VMware vSAN environment to Nutanix
  • From another HCI environment running VMware (Cisco, HPE) to Nutanix

If you are considering one of these migration paths, familiarise yourself with the following sections:
  • Section 3: Migrating to NCI
  • Section 5: Migrating to NCM
  • Section 6: Migrating to NUS (especially if you’re using vSAN File Service or operating an EUC environment)
  • Section 7: Migrating from VMware to Nutanix with Nutanix Move

Cloud Migration Pathways

  • From VMware Cloud on AWS to Nutanix Cloud Clusters
  • From Azure VMware Cloud to Nutanix Cloud Clusters
  • From VMware on-prem to Nutanix Cloud Clusters

If you are considering one of these migration paths, familiarise yourself with the following sections:
  • Section 4: Migrating to NC2
  • Section 5: Migrating to NCM
  • Section 7: Migrating from VMware to Nutanix with Nutanix Move
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