Barracuda Application ProtectionBarracuda Application Protection

Protect all your web apps and APIs with Barracuda Application Protection.

Ensure protection from web- application and zero-day attacks: With its built-in Smart Signatures, powerful positive security model, and Machine Learning-powered Active Threat Intelligence, Barracuda Application Protection secures applications against the latest web app threats.

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Ensure protection from web attacks and DDoS.

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Stop bad bots dead in their tracks.

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Protect your APIs and mobile apps.

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Granular access control and secure app delivery.

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Automate and orchestrate security.

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Gain deep visibility into attacks and traffic patterns.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud BackupBarracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Secure, Easy-to-use Backup with Barracuda Data Protection.

Effortless Backups in Minutes: Forget complex setups. Get complete protection with a few clicks.
Granular Recovery, Anytime: Restore exactly what you need, whenever disaster strikes.
Ransomware Shield: Traditional backups crumble, Barracuda keeps you safe, Cloud-based Security: Your data stays safe, even from on-site threats.
Focus on Your Business: We handle backups, you focus on what matters.
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Microsoft recommends that you use a third-party backup for your MS Office 365 data.
(*Point 6b on MS Services Agreement)

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Flexible & easy to use 365 Protection - Back up all your Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive data.

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Saving secure, encrypted backups in the same network means better performance & instant scalability.

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Ransomware Protection - Your final defense against ransomware and other cyber threats is your backup.

Barracuda Email ProtectionBarracuda Email Protection

The most comprehensive Barracuda Email Protection, made radically easy.

Barracuda Email Protection multi-layered approach combines a secure email gateway, AI-powered fraud protection, advanced security awareness training and automated incident response. This results in comprehensive protection against all email threats from spam and malware to business email compromise and account takeover.

Barracuda Email Protection leverages machine learning to deliver the highest level of threat detection accuracy. Protect against all email threat types, reduce false positives, and maintain a secure communication environment with superior email detection efficacy.

Many email threats today use social engineering tactics to target users and bypass email security gateways. You need to stay ahead of cybercriminals to protect your business and data.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup gives you the flexibility to restore Microsoft 365 Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote data with highly granular detail.

Full SharePoint support means you can backup and restore everything in SharePoint including different site templates, custom lists, permissions, and metadata — eliminating much of the labor and expense associated with restoring files only.  You can restore SharePoint libraries, lists, and documents to any SharePoint sites you choose. Backing up and restoring has never been easier.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup offers complete, granular protection of your data with point-in-time retrieval, and both scheduled and on-demand backup. In addition, your data is deduplicated and compressed to maximise storage efficiency and minimise the backup window.

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Prevent attacks from getting through by combining email-gateway defenses, API-based inbox defense, and web security.

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Identify and limit the impact of any threats that reach your users with automated response and security awareness training.

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Ensure compliance & stay productive during downtime. Back up your important email and data to recover easily from malware attacks or lost data.

What Barracuda Customers Say: Email Protection

Rocky Taylor
IT Director
"Our previous solution was good at protecting us from viruses, but it didn’t filter enough for our growing needs, especially against the uptick in ransomware and phishing attacks we’ve seen in recent years."
- Rocky Taylor
Bank of Botetourt
Bank of Botetourt
Andy Shotwell
Senior Vice President
Bank of Botetourt
“The bundled capabilities in Barracuda Email Protection were just right for our needs. It’s the comprehensive, integrated security solution we needed for our Microsoft 365 deployment.”
- Andy Shotwell
Gert Jan van der Burg
Senior System & Network Administrator
NCOI Opleidingen
“To detect complex cyberattacks, Barracuda Sentinel uses cutting-edge AI to provide an amazing extra level of inbox protection that traditional gateways can’t.”
- Gert Jan van der Burg 
Barracuda CloudGen FirewallBarracuda CloudGen Firewall

Secure and connect your infrastructure with the power of Barracuda Network Protection.

Your business is only as productive as your network. As your workloads move to the cloud and SaaS applications, it’s critical to ensure reliable, fast, and secure connectivity for all your sites and remote users. Barracuda’s solutions include three core products: CloudGen Firewall, CloudGen WAN, and CloudGen Access, covering all requirements for today’s state-of-the-art network security.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall combines best-in-class next-generation security with a full-featured set of secure SD-WAN capabilities.

Barracuda CloudGen WAN is the industry’s only cloud-native SASE platform offering a global secure SD-WAN service built natively on Azure.

Barracuda CloudGen Access is an innovative Zero Trust Access solution providing secure access to applications and workloads from any device and location.
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Accelerate and secure
cloud migrations. Control access to data from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Boost application performance and reduce costs. It’s critical to ensure reliable, fast, and secure connectivity.

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Benefit from online applications and tools without exposure to web-borne malware, viruses & more.

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