Reimagine Hybrid Work with the new Windows 11

Windows 11, the next generation of Windows, is now available! Microsoft's design team appears to have succeeded in bringing the 'Surfaceness' of a Surface device to its counterpart, Windows. Surface devices' exquisite silky-glassy feel with rounded corners is now carved into Windows 11.

The new Windows 11 will give you a sense of calm, while also empowering and inspiring you to be more productive and creative.

You are at the center, so is your task menu

By default, the start menu and start button in Windows 11 will be in the centre. This design tweak was created with touch users in mind, according to Microsoft.

Your daily apps will also be at the core of the new start menu. In the launch videos, Microsoft ToDo was prominently promoted. For me, having an app like Todo in the middle of the start menu will help me develop the habit of monitoring my professional and personal activities from within Windows 11.

Your Microsoft apps and services ecosystem has been centred on a Windows device; by broadening app experience to android apps (accessible through Amazon App Store in Window Store), your relationship with your Windows device will also grow. The centered start menu and access to more apps will change the way you perceive your daily Windows experience.

Designed with the Hybrid Worker in mind

Snap layouts and Snap groups are new features in Windows 11. Snap layouts allow you to customise the look of your tabs. There are a total of six different layouts to pick from. You can drop any open window to a layout by clicking on the right upper corner of the window. You can organise the layouts into Snap groups, and the Snap groups, as well as the individual tabs on the taskbar, will be available when you need them. Your Snap groups will be remembered by Windows 11 for future use. After you undock your device from an external screen, Windows 11 will remember where your tabs and Snap groups were.

Getting accustomed to both single and numerous screens is vital for someone who wants to work from home. When working remotely, however, the simplicity of switching between tabs open on different displays is a loss for the operating system. I'm hoping that by using Snap windows and groups, you'll be able to recreate a multiscreen experience even in a single screen setup. Then, in an office setting, the new docking experience will be really useful.

For hybrid work, Windows 11's universal mute button will come in handy. When you need to mute yourself, you no longer need to look for your meeting Window of Teams, Zoom, or Webex. Other features that would appeal to hybrid workers include the ability to share new Windows from the taskbar while presenting, haptic, intuitive touch gestures, voice typing, and the use of a digital pen.

Built-in personalised version of Teams

In Windows 11, Microsoft will include a tailored version of Teams. This is a new Teams client aimed toward the general public. It will use innovative technology to minimise the size and memory utilisation of the programme. Initially, the new Teams client will only be accessible on Windows 11 consumer editions, but it will eventually be made available on commercial editions as well. SMS functionality will be added to the customizable version of Teams in Windows 11. Microsoft stated last month that if you have a Teams business account, you may add a personal account for free. Although it's questionable whether Teams will ever achieve the same level of success as Skype in terms of becoming a household name for video calling.

Performance, energy efficiency, compatibility, and security

Windows 11 will launch and operate more quickly than its predecessor. With new technologies like DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, and Auto HDR, Windows 11 users will notice improved performance for gaming-related workloads. The updates are now 40% more efficient, and they will run in the background rather than forcing you to interrupt what you're doing. Windows 11 will also use less energy, offering your devices longer battery life. Microsoft's App Assure service ensures that your apps from earlier Windows generations will also run on Windows 11. 

In the launch blog, Microsoft stated that they are working closely with silicon and hardware partners to guarantee that a portfolio of processors and devices in all form factors are available for Windows 11 when it is released. To determine if your current devices are supported, go to Check System Requirements and Processor Support. Windows 11 will be a Zero Trust-ready operating system in terms of security. Security features such as hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware prevention will be enabled by default in Windows 11. In Windows 11, Microsoft will also simplify the steps for using Windows Hello for Business.

Availability, Licensing, and Deployment Options

For the time being, Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 for eligible customers. It will be as simple as installing a new Windows 10 update to deploy Windows 11. In comparison to the annual update cycles of Windows 10, Microsoft is reducing the update cycles with Windows 11, which will just require a yearly quality update.

Despite how simple it is to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, the new operating system is much more than a quality upgrade. Whether you use Windows for work or at home, there are some wonderful additions to look forward to. Before it becomes accessible later this year, you'll need to have device, deployment, and management plans in place. The connection provides a number of services related to Windows 11 that can assist you with your migration.

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