Unitrends BCDR Maturity Assesment Tool

Short Profile
Unitrends provides a wide range of hardware and software appliances for backing up and restoring business-critical data and applications. To address the complex requirements of modern data centres, the Unitrends solutions provide end-to-end protection and the immediate recovery of data from all physical and virtual systems. In addition to backup and disaster recovery, Unitrends also addresses the topics of business continuity and cloud.
Hardware Appliance
The hardware appliances from Unitrends offer the best-suited packages of hardware and software in sizes from 2 to 182 TB. Backup and recovery jobs are quickly completed with SSD disks. The Recovery Assurance functionality provides instant recovery of the system and applications in under 5 minutes. Bare Metal Recovery and the optional ReliableDR for automated testing of backups against RPOs and RTOs make the hardware appliances a real all-rounder. Unitrends is also thinking about the future: With the "Hardware Forever Pledge" option, customers are given the next generation of the respective appliance free of charge at regular intervals when choosing the 3 and 5-year support Options!

Software Appliance
With the release of Unitrends Backup 9.0, the manufacturer makes the daily backup business child's play. A radically simplified user concept in combination with a completely revised user interface ensures that even inexperienced users quickly get to grips with the situation. Thus the data of the customer are quickly protected and remain. Unitrends Backup is available in five tailor-made versions:
  • Unitrends Free allows free backups on vSphere and Hyper-V up to 1TB. For consulting purposes with customers with little data stock.
  • UEB Essentials is available for a maximum of 10 resources (sockets or servers) and provides basic backup and restore capabilities at the hypervisor and file Level.
  • UEB Standard has no limitation in the number of resources and also provides backup at the hypervisor and file Level.
  • UEB Enterprise adds the protection of enterprise apps such as Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle databases, etc. to the standard Edition.
  • UEB Enterprise Plus includes, in addition to the Enterprise version, ReliableDR, which automatically checks backups for freely definable Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives and thus ensures the recoveryability of systems at all times.
Integrated or stand-alone: Recovery Assurance through automated DR testing
The fastest backup is of no use if you have to make sure that the secure database has been corrupted and can no longer be created. However, manual DR-testing is associated with a high level of personnel and financial expenditure and is therefore a more than annoying duty. The solution is called Unitrends ReliableDR. Snapshots are loaded onto a replication site and tested for resilience in a sandbox. In so doing, so-called "Certified Recovery Points" are created, which can be used later. Unlike other solutions, RDR is not just a simple test of whether a VM can be restarted, but users themselves can set the parameters under which to test. First the server up and then the corresponding database. Also tested are RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPOs (Recovery Point Objective), which are defined according to the requirements. Once set up, RDR can run as often as the customer wants - without any further effort and with auditable Reports.
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