The Trend Micro Security Assessment Service delivers three unique options to quickly and easily uncover undetected threats found within your organization.

Using the power of the Trend Micro Vision One™ platform, our complimentary service identifies malicious activity within specific security layers, across the entire environment, or from recent targeted attack campaigns. Each assessment provides a detailed, downloadable report and recommended response actions.

Trend Micro Vulnerability Assessment
This assessment delivers custom tools to address new, specific common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE). Scan endpoints and/or server applications for the recent Samba or Log4j (Log4Shell) CVEs to receive a comprehensive report, recommended actions, and greater visibility into your attack surface.

Trend Micro Vision One Risk Assessment
Leveraging the Risk Insights app, this assessment provides detailed information on the company’s risk index, entities included in the analysis, users and devices that may be under attack, and cloud app usage across your network. The Risk Assessment includes access to our 60-day free trial.

At-Risk Cloud Mailbox Assessment
Scan Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail™ mailboxes to uncover business email compromise (BEC) attempts, phishing attacks, ransomware, malicious files, or URLs in messages sent and received in the last 15-30 days. Trend Micro does not access or store your domain credentials.

How to get started
You can run any of the assessment options more than once, but you must complete an assessment before starting a new one.

New Users: Register, create an account, and select an assessment in the Trend Micro Vision One console.

Returning Assessment Users and Trend Micro Vision One Customers: If you are an active customer, or have used the assessment service in the past, you do not need to complete this form. Log into your Trend Micro Vision account and navigate to the Security Assessment App to select an assessment.

Register to select your preferred assessment from within the Trend
Micro Vision One console.
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