Keep Identity Real With WatchGuard

The initial breach often happens when hackers pretend to be a legitimate user using stolen or compromised credentials. Implementing identity security that ensures only the real user can access your systems and applications has become a critical security need for every organisation.

Complex Passwords

Enforce complex and unique passwords to improve overall security posture and reduce exposure to credential stuffing and credential spraying attacks.

Credentials Exposure

Be alerted on credentials from your domain(s) found on the dark web and published to security services before cybercriminals use them to steal money or cause havoc.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authenticate people and enforce strong, multi-factor authentication into VPNs, Cloud applications, endpoints and more.

Get Real Protection with AuthPoint Total Identity Security

Overcome the challenge of securing identities across your organisation by combining strong enterprise-grade multi-factor authentication and credentials management capabilities. Purchased together in one comprehensive, cost-saving bundle, Total Identity Security includes all the products listed here:

AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentification

Deploy a complete multi-factor authentication solution with single sign-on (SSO) and risk-based authentication that’s easy to manage and use. Strong time-based tokens are pushed to a phone app, where additional factors and our mobile phone DNA help to confirm identity.

Dark Web Monitoring

Get notified when compromised credentials from monitored domains are found on the dark web and published to credentials databases. Notifications are sent to administrators and, when configured, to the users involved so they can immediately change their passwords.

Corporate Password Manager

Improve password quality, reduce resets, and mitigate risk from shared or stolen passwords. Watchguard's Corporate Password Manager creates strong, complex passwords and provides the enforcement controls & shared vaults that businesses need.

WatchGuard Cloud

With automated token provisioning, full user synchronisation with external directory services, and support for documented 3rd-party integrations, WatchGuard Cloud centralises Identity Security management as part of their Unified Security Platform.

Demo WatchGuard AuthPoint Total Identity Security

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