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A streamlined path to virtualisation that is simple, secure & reliable.

Scale Computing's award-winning hyperconverged approach provides a streamlined path to virtualisation that is simple, secure, and reliable.

With SC//Platform, you can reduce unplanned downtime by up to 90%, reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 40%, and manage your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass with Scale Computing Fleet Manager.

Ready to experience a seamless transition and exclusive benefits? Keep reading or contact us today to book a free consultation to discuss Scale Computing!

✡ Scale Computing Welcomes VMware Users with a Full System Exchange Trade-Up Offer

Join Scale Computing on a journey towards innovation and cost-efficiency with their latest offering, Seamless Switch: Trade-Up to Scale Computing. They are thrilled to share this updated initiative, built to empower VMware customers with a seamless transition experience while embracing the transformative capabilities of Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform). This program extends the opportunity to upgrade not just software but also hardware, ensuring a comprehensive migration experience tailored to your needs.

* Discount dependent on remaining life of the hardware using a five year useful life.
Software licensing extension limited to one year.

Benefits include:

A full system exchange trade-up opportunity - customers can choose to just take advantage of the software license term offer, or can upgrade to both Scale Computing software and hardware.

Migration tool to enhance the transition experience.

• Scale Computing Advanced Training certification opportunity

• One complimentary Platform//2025 event pass

Scale Computing Platform: A Superior VMware Alternative

In virtualisation and hyperconverged infrastructure, VMware has long been a dominant player. However, the landscape is changing rapidly, with many organisations seeking alternatives that offer enhanced features, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity. Scale Computing Platform has emerged as a leading choice, providing a superior VMware alternative that addresses the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Scale Computing’s virtualisation software and appliances are based on patented technologies designed from the ground up to minimise infrastructure complexity and cost. Scale Computing Platform has helped IT organisations across all industries deploy robust virtualisation solutions.

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Simplicity and Ease of Use

One of the most significant advantages of SC//Platform is its simplicity and ease of use. Unlike VMware, which can be complex and require extensive training, Scale Computing offers a user-friendly interface that is accessible to both IT experts and newcomers. This ease of use makes it an ideal choice for organisations of all sizes needing more resources or expertise to manage a complex virtualisation environment.

SC//Platform also eliminates the need for specialised virtualisation knowledge and can be set up in minutes. The system is designed to be self-healing, making it more resilient to hardware failures and reducing the burden on IT staff. This simplicity extends to ongoing management, with features like automated backups, resource allocation, and scaling.
Simplicity and Ease of Use iconSimplicity and Ease of Use icon
Cost-Effectiveness iconCost-Effectiveness icon


Cost is a critical factor for businesses of all sizes. VMware is known for its licensing costs, which can be a significant barrier for smaller organisations. In contrast, SC//Platform is a cost-effective alternative that offers robust virtualisation and hyperconverged infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Scale Computing's all-in-one approach means there’s no need to purchase separate licenses for virtualisation software, storage, and backup solutions. This consolidation leads to considerable cost savings. Moreover, the predictable and transparent pricing model of Scale Computing simplifies budgeting and reduces the risk of unexpected expenses associated with VMware's complex licensing structure.

Integrated Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data protection and disaster recovery are critical considerations for any business. SC//Platform incorporates integrated backup and disaster recovery solutions as part of its hyperconverged infrastructure. This approach provides a seamless and cost-effective way to safeguard your data and applications.

In contrast, VMware often requires additional third-party backup and recovery solutions, which can add complexity and cost to the virtualisation environment. The integrated backup and recovery capabilities of Scale Computing reduce the need for multiple vendors, streamlining the management of data protection.
Integrated Backup and Disaster Recovery iconIntegrated Backup and Disaster Recovery icon
Scalability iconScalability icon


Businesses need infrastructure solutions that can adapt to their changing needs. SC//Platform excels in this area, offering seamless scalability options that are straightforward to implement. Organisations can easily add nodes to expand their virtualisation and storage resources, ensuring they can grow without disruption.

VMware does provide scalability, but the process can be more complex and time-consuming. Additionally, VMware's scaling may require substantial investments in hardware, while Scale Computing's scale-out approach allows organisations to incrementally increase capacity as needed.

High Availability and Resilience

Ensuring high availability and resilience is paramount in today's always-on business environment. SC//Platform is designed with built-in high availability and resilience features. It utilises a distributed file system and automatic failover capabilities to minimise downtime during hardware failures. Even small organisations with limited IT resources can enjoy enterprise-level reliability.

VMware offers similar high-availability features but often requires additional configurations and investments to achieve the same level of resilience. The simplicity and out-of-the-box high availability of SC//Platform give it an edge.
High Availability and Resilience iconHigh Availability and Resilience icon
Support and Customer Satisfaction iconSupport and Customer Satisfaction icon

Support and Customer Satisfaction

Scale Computing's focus on customer satisfaction and support is another area where it shines as a VMware alternative. The company is known for its exceptional customer service, with a dedicated support team readily available to address customer concerns and provide assistance.

In contrast, VMware's support options can be complex and costly, and many customers have reported challenges in obtaining timely and effective support. Scale Computing's commitment to customer satisfaction enhances its attractiveness as a more customer-centric alternative.

VMware vs. Scale Computing Platform

While VMware remains a dominant player in the virtualisation market, the evolving needs of businesses are driving a shift towards solutions that are easier to manage, more cost-effective, and better aligned with modern business requirements. SC//Platform is well-positioned to meet these needs and is a viable choice for organisations looking to take advantage of the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure without the complexities and costs associated with VMware.

Scale Computing
Licensing / Subscription VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF):
vSphere, vSAN, NSX, Aria
VMware vSphere Foundation:
vSphere, vSAN, Aria
SC//HyperCore license

SC//Fleet Manager license (optional)
Hypervisor vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) Scale Computing HyperCore (KVM-based)
General Management vCenter Server runs as a separate Linux VM/Server per site in the environment SC//HyperCore built-in web-based / REST API management from any node in the system, optionally connect to SC//Fleet Manager for global centralised management
Storage Management vSAN, datastores / NFS / Block (iSCSI/other) to manage Scale Computing Reliable Independent Block Engine (SCRIBE) - Treats all storage in the cluster as a single logical pool for management and scalability purposes. No external storage to manage, no shares / targets / LUNs to create or maintain
AIOps N/A SCRIBE - No external storage to manage, no shares / targets / luns to create or maintain
Upgrade Management vSphere OS / ESXi Hypervisor patching; requires HCL validation, vCenter interoperability, node “maintenance mode” Unified, full stack updates with integrated pre-flight update checking
In Guest tools VMware Tools SC// Guest Tools (Virtio)
High Availability Requires HA Configuration Multi-node SC//HyperCore clusters handle automatic failover of VMs, including storage redundancy
Support Tiered by severity: Basic, Production, Premier, Success, Select, or Per Incident which determine support team availability and response time One level: 24x7x365
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