iQuila: The Only Truly Secure Network Solution

iQuila is the future of networking, combining speed, security, availability, & resilience.

Developed in the UK, iQuila is the world’s first ‘full’ Layer 2 software-defined network which means that it provides a layer of security, performance, reliability and transparency that is not found in layer 3-type virtual private networks. The Virtual Extended Network in the solution uses AI to learn about the type of data traffic that appears on the remote connections and their journey into the office/school network. It optimises connectivity by prioritising certain data streams and filtering out duplicate data streams.

As well as providing a connection that does not drop, even during high-speed travel or in areas of poor broadband, iQuila offers high-level encryption and secures the device itself for maximum protection.

How does iQuila's Solution work?

> Encapsulates full Layer 2 traffic

> Splices the data & encrypts it

> Transmit over multiple streams of data to build resistance & security

Re-assemble at the other end

> Manage process with AI / ML

The Many Benefits of iQuila...

People Benefits:

  • Fully Integrate & secure your hybrid workers.

  • Seamless always on connection soon as you boot up your laptop.

  • Secure both the endpoint connection and the device (traditional VPN only secures the connection).

  • Multi Stream Connection – over 100 times more robust than legacy protocols like IPSec & VPN.

  • Bandwidth grabbing for quality and resilience (no more dropouts on Teams calls! Or VOIP calls).

Network Benefits:

  • Simplify your network architecture.

  • Extend centralised controls across entire WAN.

  • Automatic load balancing and network management via AI.

  • Instantaneous failover.

  • No longer requires expensive MPLS.

Security Benefits:

  • Zero Trust.

  • Protected against DDoS (distributed denial of service) and MiTM (man in the middle) attacks.

  • Multi-tunnel authentication and end-to-end encryption on every connection.

  • Full Group policy log-on at the Edge.

  • Integrates into Active Directory and Azure AD.

  • Up to 4096-bit encryption and key length.

  • Quantum encryption.

Post Installation Benefits:

  • Seamlessly integrate remote users with full security and access as required.

  • Deploy to new locations at a click of a button. Scale at will.

Site/Office Benefits:

  • Share Security protocols and safeguards.

  • Connect offices together and share resources.

  • Always on, automatic re-connection.

  • Highly resilient connectivity (significantly more resilient than VPN).

  • Available as hardware or software only solutions or a mix of both.

iQuila Cloud

Built with the unique VEN protocol at its core, iQuila Cloud combines features such as Always-On, military-grade network encryption, multi-channel transmission, AI, clustering and adjacent node connectivity to give the most secure and dependable connectivity solution available.

iQuila is cloud native and requires no hardware or costly infrastructure overhaul however unlike other cloud-based solutions (ZTNA) iQuila virtualises the entire network stack. This allows delivery of full Layer 2 connections across your entire Wide Area Network, achieving lightning-fast connection speeds and complete control and governance across all sub-networks. iQuila Cloud is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform and is a simple to deploy, subscription solution for site-to-site and hybrid cloud connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more.

It seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure and requires little management or configuration. Available as hardware, software or virtual appliances.

  • The solution is ‘Always-on’, removing the human error factor from network access.

  • iQuila is 95% more cost-effective as a subscription-based service when compared to legacy VPNs.

  • Unbeatable transmission speeds of up to 1GBPS can be achieved.
  • Stays connected, even when on the move at high speed/altitude.

  • iQuila Cloud can be implemented with little disruption to business or significant consultancy costs.

  • Safe to use, even on public WiFi.

iQuila Enterprise

iQuila Enterprise combines features such as Always-On adjacent node connectivity, bandwidth priority scaling, clustering, load-balancing and hot failover. iQuila Enterprise takes the proprietary VEN protocol and combines it with innovative back-end functionality such as our Zero Trust centre andwayfinding AI to present the ultimate deployed network.

iQuila Enterprise, is an end-to-end solution that encompasses all the connectivity features that a secure WAN needs, as a singular, easy to deploy product.

iQuila connections are full Layer 2, replacing the need for MPLS or VPN connections. The Zero Trust centre provides nano-segmentation and strict user access management. Adjacent node SD-LAN and kernel boot functions ensure the connection and device are secure, encrypted and under strict management of Group Policy.

Software-controlled WANs and LANs have been around for a short while but iQuila is the first of its kind. A never-seen-before software-defined technology for extending your Local Area Network across your Wide Area Network, but with localised breakouts and controls as required. Security is paramount and the VEN protocol incorporates the highest available encryption, however iQuila Enterprise also enables organisations to install their own bespoke encryption if desired. iQuila Enterprise reinforces security with additional authorisation protocols, full domain log-on and certificate assignment and verification.

  • Deliver seamless multi-provider ecosystems

  • Fully secure both edge devices and edge connection

  • Passing any protocol/opening development path
  • Designed to operate at chip level, VEN makes it straightforward to integrate into edge devices. Gain greater visibility, control and security.

  • Organisations using iQuila Enterprise can extend full operational capacity and security across their entire Global network, in a s ingle solution.
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