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Hitachi Vantara Storage Modernisation

Leadership and innovation in business relies on modernised storage, with simplified management, to increase business agility and efficiency while building resiliency and optimising costs.

Legendary Hitachi resilience and 100% data availability guarantee. Non-disruptive, data-in-place upgrades allow customers to easily move to next-generation storage architecture without any additional services. AI-driven data reduction delivers maximum return from your storage investment.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
5600 vs Dell EMC PowerMax 8000

As the vendor best-known for data availability and security, Hitachi can help you prevent the threats that result in interruptions to your business, making your infrastructure far more resilient. Get access to the guide and learn why Hitachi is the market leader in performance and latency, and how they're setting the industry standard for virtualising storage!
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Hitachi VSP offers 16.6PiB effective NVMe capacity vs Dell EMC PowerMax only 4.5PB effective capacity.
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Hitachi delivers 33 million RRH IOPS with latency as low as 39μs, which is 2.2X more IOPS and 2.5X lower latency than PowerMax.
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Hitachi's VSP system is backed by a 100% Data Availability Guarantee, which simply put, Dell’s system is not.
100% data availability icon100% data availability icon
Guarantee 100% data availability and 99.99% uptime.
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Reduce time-consuming and error-prone manual IT storage tasks.
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Extract actionable insights from operational data.
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Modernise your data center to take advantage of the latest technologies.
Maximise the value of your
legacy investments with Hitachi Storage Solutions

Shared insights on Hitachi’s all-flash and hybrid-flash storage solutions that can help you get more visibility of, and manage, your full data estate. Learn how simplifying your IT operations through self-driving, AIOps-enabled infrastructure helps you maximise the life of legacy investments. Get access to the infographic and discover how Hitachi can help you unlock your infrastructure advantage today!
Detect and prevent threats with Hitachi Data Centre Modernisation

With Hitachi, you get world-class data protection and security across any cloud. It’s the reason they're the vendor consistently ranked highest by Gartner for reliability, availability and serviceability. Data protection is embedded acorss Hitachi storage solutions. So whichever format your storage takes, your data is always protected. You can learn more in their eBook, get access to this by entering your details in the form at the top of the page.
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Align your technology spend with usage and outcomes.
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Gain more control over costs with predictable pricing.
scalability iconscalability icon
Get scalability to meet your needs now and in the future.
reduction TCO iconreduction TCO icon
Achieve a 40% reduction (on average) in your storage TCO.
100% data availability icon100% data availability icon
Guarantees 100% data availability and doubles the volume in flash capacity.
data storage icondata storage icon
Holds an industry-leading 4,000+ storage patents, including 350+ flash patents.
speed up tasks iconspeed up tasks icon
Manual administrative tasks are streamlined, speeding up the new applications and expansion of existing ones.
Hitachi VSP 5000 series reliably delivers more data, faster than ever for open systems and mainframe applications

It’s designed to make sure your mission-critical operations are always up and running, which improves efficiency. Discover insights on Hitachi, the only storage solution consistently ranked highest by Gartner for reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS). Get access to the E-Book and learn how it can save you up to 2,000 infrastructure admin hours per month and accelerate provisioning from months to minutes.
Modernise your infrastructure, without the upfront costs, with Hitachi EverFlex XaaS model

Enterprise storage is changing for good, with Gartner predicting that 25% of organisations will switch to solutions as a service (XaaS) by 2026. EverFlex lets you swap complex licenses and heavy CapEx costs for a faster, more agile, ‘ready-when-you-are’ consumption model. And you don’t just get financial flexibility. You get flexibility across your entire infrastructure! Explore the benefits of EverFlex by getting access to the infographic - just enter a few details in the form at the top of this page!
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With Hitachi EverFlex you have the scalability to add or remove IT resources and technologies in line with your business needs.
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The management of your data center is simplified, so your IT team have more time to focus on innovation and growing your business into new markets.
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Create a multicloud environment, where you can choose where workloads are stored ─ whether that’s on-premises or in the cloud.
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