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Stands, Trolleys & Wall Mounts

Designed to provide the perfect means for displaying your interactive touchscreen, whether in a classroom, training centre, board room, Genee Group have a comprehensive range of stands, trolleys and wall mounts!

The Genee range is intended to match your needs and your environment with your budget. Their stands, wall mounts and trolleys have been selected to provide a solution for all Genee Interactive Touchscreens, but they are also compatible with other branded screens!

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Genee Vision Visualiser

A visualiser is an extremely flexible teaching and presentation tool allowing presenters, teachers or students to display objects onto an interactive whiteboard, computer or LED touchscreen.

Utilise the Visualiser’s features to compare work, analyse content and record your presentation for reviewing and much more! A key use for Visualisers is to demonstrate student work in lessons for peer led assessment, and to enable discussion through collaboration. Simply connect a Genee Vision visualiser to a touch screen of your choice and bring in a live video feed to annotate over!

Genee Registrar

Security and accountability are imperative within both Education and Corporate environments, Genee Registrar provides a simple to use sign-in solution with Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing. Allowing visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premises.

Genee Registrar significantly reduces data entry and administration tasks typical of receptions with multiple signing in books. Stored data, reporting and fire evacuation procedures are supported by Registrars features with cloud data available for signing in/out and fire evacuation.

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