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Introducing Qual Limited's latest offering – Microsoft 365 Managed Services – designed to elevate your business productivity to unprecedented heights. As your trusted technology partner, we understand the critical role that Microsoft 365 plays in shaping your digital landscape. With our comprehensive suite of services, we aim to optimise, secure, and streamline your Microsoft 365 experience.

Migration Journey Expertise

Embarking on a Microsoft 365 migration journey can be daunting. Let Qual Limited be your guiding light. Our seasoned professionals ensure a smooth transition, transferring your data and applications seamlessly to the cloud. Minimise downtime and disruptions while maximising the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure.

Robust Backup Solutions

Safeguard your valuable data with Qual Limited's robust backup solutions. Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services provide a reliable backup strategy, ensuring your critical business information is protected against unforeseen events. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and easily recoverable.

Advanced Security Measures

In an era of evolving cyber threats, securing your digital assets is paramount. Qual Limited employs cutting-edge security measures to fortify your Microsoft 365 environment. From threat detection to identity management, we've got you covered, allowing you to focus on your core business without compromise.

Responsive HelpDesk Support

Say goodbye to technology-induced headaches with Qual Limited's responsive HelpDesk support. Our dedicated team is at your service, ready to tackle any Microsoft 365-related issues. Experience prompt and effective resolution, ensuring your teams stay productive and your operations remain uninterrupted.

Qual Microsoft 365 Managed Services We Offer...

You have purchased the right device, and the best software from Microsoft 365 suite; now you need the right services to ensure that you get the greatest possible performance from them.
That’s where Qual’s Migration and Managed Services come in!

Microsoft 365 Migration Services

All in One Solution. Lenovo Microsoft 365 Migration includes migration of mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Public folders. No downtime or data loss when the data are being migrated to your new Microsoft 365 environment.

Standard migration includes the following features:

  • Environment Discovery

  • Mailbox Migrations

  • Distribution Lists Migrations

  • Tenant Security Configuration

  • Public Folder Migration

Advanced migration includes the following features:

  • All Standard migration features plus...

  • OneDrive Migration (One to OneDrive, GoogleDrive to OneDrive)

Professional migration includes the following features:

  • All Standard & Advanced features plus...

  • SharePoint Setup & Migration

  • Teams Setup & Migration

Move to Microsoft 365 and benefit from tools and services to support employee experiences!

Microsoft 365 Backup Services

Comprehensive automated data backup and managed recovery – both at an individual user level for Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive, and at an organisational level for SharePoint and Teams. Monthly Subscription.

As standard Microsoft M365 does not back up the End Users' information related to M365. This service provides a backup of key M365 data including Exchange, share point, One Drive, and O365 groups and teams data.

Get peace of mind that your content is securely and efficiently backed up and restorable in hours rather than months.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

The MDR Service helps you identify suspect activity within your environment by eliminating false positives, simplifying the investigation, and expediting the response process.

Critical Start is the only MDR provider on the market today who dared to approach simplifying the cybersecurity problem by first embracing the complex. While others are focused on finding bad, they focus on finding good. While others prioritise or suppress alerts, Critical Start resolves all alerts.

Provide expert Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analysts, to quickly investigate and respond to all escalated alerts through 24x7x365 monitoring, rapid investigation, and continuous threat hunting. MOBILESOC application allows the customer to communicate with the SOC and perform response actions on the go.

The MDR Service includes:

  • Correlation and analysis of Security Alerts from the Supported Product(s).

  • Investigation of alerts by Critical Start Security Operations Center (SOC) 24x7x365 using industry best practices, well-honed processes and playbooks refined over years of providing MDR Services.

  • Leveraging the Trusted Behavior Registry, ZTAP (Zero Trust Analytics Platform) automatically resolves known-good activity, reducing false positives.

  • Alert enrichment provides additional context on IP addresses, file hashes, and domains names.

  • Critical Start Threat Navigator, a Platform capability that maps threat detection content to the MITRE ATTACK® Matrix Framework as the Supported Product(s), manages the deployment of custom, curated, and community threat detection content into your Supported Products consoles.

  • Logging of platform user activity to support audit and compliance mandates.

How is Managed Extended Detection & Response done?

  • Manage, maintain and curate out-of-the-box detections and IOCs released by the security tool manufacturer.

  • Curate original and third-party threat intelligence, combined with real-time threat analysis, to create a high-fidelity, actionable view of existing and emerging threats.

  • Continuously develop and enrich new threat detections and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) based on the evolving security landscape.

  • Map threat detection content to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to ensure the customer is protected against the latest attacker Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) approach.

  • 100% visibility to every action and every data point the Critical Start cybersecurity team has examined, what our detection engineers see, and a view of the detection coverage delivered by customer security tools.

  • Service Level Agreements for Time to Detect (TTD) and Median Time to Resolution (MTTR) for all alerts, regardless of severity level – guaranteed in one hour or less – with no fine print.

Optimise security investments, reduce risk exposure, decrease complexity and prevent over 99% of malware before it can execute!

Microsoft 365 Support Services

Access to a team of Lenovo Microsoft 365 experts 24/7 that will assist End Users and System Administrators to resolve issues or queries regarding M365 Applications and Services related to your M365 subscription.

Advanced offer includes: Self Service Portal, Email, Chat

Company IT Admin Support includes: Level 1 Support for Microsoft 365

Direct End Customer Level Support Includes: Level 1 Support for M365

Microsoft Escalations Management to Tier 3 Support

Our enhanced support will deliver priority 24/7 issue resolution for key applications, minimising downtime and freeing up your talent to focus on your transformation goals and growth agenda.

Why Choose Qual Limited?

Elevate your Microsoft 365 experience with Qual Limited's Managed Services.
Unleash the full potential of collaboration, innovation, and efficiency within your organisation.

Proven Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in M365 management and deployment.

Tailored Solutions

Our services are customised to meet the unique needs of your business.

Continuous Optimisation

Stay ahead with proactive monitoring, updates & performance enhancements.

Cost Efficiency

Maximise your ROI with scalable solutions that grow with your business.

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