PSTN Switch Off:
Education Sector

How Qual Can Help The Education Sector with the
National PSTN Switch Off

National Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch off has been extended to January 31st 2027...

But the Education Sector will still face the PSTN Switch-Off: Ensure a smooth transition with VoIP!

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that transmits voice calls and data over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. This eliminates reliance on aging PSTN infrastructure and unlocks a range of benefits for the education sector. 

Don't wait until the last minute to upgrade your phone lines and broadband. Leaving it too late could leave you scrambling for alternative solutions and potentially facing disruptions in communication. By taking action now, you have ample time to explore your options, compare providers, and ensure a smooth transition to a more reliable and future-proof digital network.

PSTN Switch Off Challenges:

  • Interruption during service

  • Ensure schools internet infrastructure can support VoIP technology

  • Internet upgrades may be required for schools

  • Training Staff to use VoIP

  • Backup Internet connection

PSTN Switch Off Solutions:

  • VoIP offers schools quality of service

  • VoIP provides significant flexibility and scalability for growing schools

  • School infrastructure assessments can be carried out to ensure the best platform advised

  • Product demonstrations & VoIP training are advised to use VoIP to its potential

  • Internet upgrades are advised and are turned around quickly

What do Schools, Colleges and Universities Do Next?

Book a demo and see the VoIP features in real-time.

The Features and Benefits of VoIP for Education:

Huge Savings

VoIP calls, especially long-distance and international calls, are significantly cheaper compared to traditional landlines. This translates into substantial cost savings for your institution.

Voicemail to Email

No more scrambling to retrieve messages! VoIP integrates voicemail with email, allowing staff and faculty to access voice messages conveniently through their inboxes.

Cheaper than Landlines

 As mentioned earlier, VoIP calls are generally much cheaper than traditional landlines. This can lead to significant cost savings on your communication expenses.

Conferencing Features

Host online meetings and lectures with ease using built-in conferencing features. This is ideal for remote collaboration, parent-teacher meetings, or connecting with students outside of class hours.

Boosts Productivity

Features like call forwarding, conferencing, and multi-device compatibility streamline communication and collaboration, allowing staff and faculty to focus on their core tasks.

High Definition (HD) Voice

Experience crystal-clear audio quality with High Definition (HD) voice, enhancing communication clarity for lectures, meetings, and administrative calls. Experience crystal-clear audio quality with High Definition (HD) voice, enhancing communication clarity for lectures, meetings, and administrative calls.

Three-Way Calling 

Need to involve a third person in a conversation? No problem! VoIP seamlessly facilitates three-way calling for improved communication flow.

Mobile and Easy to Relocate

With VoIP, phone numbers are not tied to physical locations. Staff and faculty can use any internet-connected device to make and receive calls, increasing mobility and flexibility. This is especially helpful if departments move locations within the campus.

Making the Switch to VoIP Simple and Seamless!

Qual Limited, a leading Value Added Reseller (VAR), can help your school, college, or university navigate the transition to VoIP with ease. They partner with high-end VoIP providers who offer exceptional service and support. Qual Limited's team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the perfect VoIP solution for your institution. 

The previous national PSTN switch off was December 31st, 2025 but now it's been extended to 31st January 2027, giving businesses more time to make that all important change without the headache. By embracing VoIP technology with the support of Qual Limited, schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from significant cost savings, increased flexibility, and a range of advanced features that enhance communication and collaboration across the institution.

Request a free demo to see how VoIP can transform your school's communication infrastructure. Qual Limited's experts will answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect VoIP solution for your needs...

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