Best Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G350 - HV Bundle (33 TB) for Business

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Bundle Build Kit List
Part Number Product Extended Quantity
VSP G350 Appliance Product
G350-F-BASE-S-CSL.P VSP G350 Foundation Base Package 1
GXX0-4X2R4TB.P VSP GXX0 HDD Pack 4 x 2.4TB 10K SAS HDD Package 2
GXX0-4X1R9TB1.P VSP GXX0 Flash Pack 4 x 1.9TB SSD (1 DWPD) 2
VSP G350 Product Unified (FC/iSCSI)
A34V-600-850-UNI.P Universal rail kit 1
HDW2-F850-2HS10B.P VSP G/FXX0 Host I/O Module iSCSI 10Gbps Base-T 2port 4
UC4210009-001.P Bezel for SVP 1
HDW2-F850-SVP3.P VSP G/FXX0 SVP3 - Service Processor 1
DW2-F850-1R9MGM1.P VSP GXX0 1.9TB SSD (1 DWPD) 1
VSP G350 Installation Support
043-996027-01.P SVC VSP G350 Installation - 9 x 5 (Local Business Hours) 1
043-996029-01.P SVC VSP G/F350 3rd Party Rack Installation 1
VSP G350 Support
045-000645-01.PSVC VSP G350 Foundation Base (CSL) Package - WDB Mo 36
043-995753-01.P SVC VSP GXX0 Flash Pack 4 x 2.4TB 10K SAS HDD - WDB Mo 72
043-998316-01.P SVC VSP GXX0 Flash Pack 4 x 1.9TB SSD (1 DWPD) - WDB 72
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Specifications G350
Performance Up to 600,000 IOPS
Maximum (Max.) Raw Internal Capacity

3,454TB (14TB LFF HDD)

442TB (2.4TB SFF HDD)

5,778TB (30TB SSD)

TMax. Raw External Capacity 72PB
Cache 128GB
Performance (Bandwidth) 9GB/s
Flash Drive Options 264
SAS Hard Drive Options

14TB (3.5� 7.2K)

10TB (3.5� 7.2K)

6TB (3.5� 7.2K)

2.4TB (2.5� 10K)

1.2TB (2.5� 10K)

600GB (2.5� 10K)

Max. Drives 12 LFF or 24 SFF
RAID Supported

RAID-1+0, RAID-5, RAID-6

Controller Size 2U
Protocols NFS, SMB, FTP, iSCSI and HTTP to the cloud
Value Added Features

100% Data Availability Guarantee

Storage Virtualization

In System Replication

Copy Management

Dynamic Tiering

Infrastructure Analytics

Base & Advanced Software Packages Available on VSP Exxx

The Exxx base product is available with either the Base or Advanced software packages. A customer must select one or the other; the default is the Advanced package. The tables below outline the components of each of the packages. Please note that the Advanced Package also contains all of the features in the Base Package. The contents of the Base Package are shown below:

Base Software Package
SVOS Local Data Protection
Hitachi Ops Center Administrator ShadowImage
Dynamic Provisioning Thin Image
Resource Partition Manager Ops Center Protector Storage Replication
Performance Monitor Data Mobility
Server Priority Manager Dynamic Tiering
Virtual Partition Manager Non-Disruptive Migration
Data Retention Utility Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer
Open Volume Management Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer Detailed View
Storage Navigator Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer
Dynamic Link Manager
Universal Volume Manager

Also note that the Base Package Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer software comes with 25 node licenses for support of non-storage nodes. If more than 25 nodes are needed, then an additional pack(s) need to be purchased.

The contents of the Advanced package consist of the following:

All Base Package Features
Remote Data Protection
True Copy
Universal Replicator
Ops Center Protector Storage Replication
Disaster Recovery Extended
Global Active Device
Hitachi Ops Center Automator
Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer
Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer predictive analytics

Customers choosing the Base Package can also select individual Optional software packages that are in Advanced, but not the Base Package (see more file for Optional Software). As an example, a Base customer could choose to purchase Hitachi Ops Center Automator as an optional software package. All software products available in Advanced but not the Base Package are available for individual purchase.

Note that Hitachi Ops Center Protector Storage Replication is included in the Base & Advanced packages. Hitachi Ops Center Protector Storage Replication provides basic replication configuration and management. Additional Hitachi Ops Center Protector capabilities (Backup and Application Protection) must be purchased separately.

Existing Base Package customers can upgrade to the Advanced Package, which will provide them with the features available in that package. Simply select the Advanced Package and the appropriate upgrade price will be calculated based on the system you are upgrading. For new storage arrays, the customer can choose Advanced directly. There is a significant price reduction if the Advanced package is purchased when a new array is purchased, versus doing a Base to Advanced upgrade later on.

Trial licenses for the Advanced version are available for existing and new Base customers. Note that there is no support for trial licenses.

SKU TDHV20512885/1
Manufacturer Hitachi
In Stock Y
Meta Description Hitachi Vantara Bundle G350 - Dual Controller - 9 x 1.9TB SSD, 6+2 x 1 & 9 x 2.4TB SAS, 6+2 x 1 - 33.5TB
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