Guide Classroom Learning - To Promote positive redirection through private student-teacher messaging and monitor screens with Website Limiting and Blank Screen functions.

Promote Collaboration - Easily share your screen with the class to distribute materials, administer quizzes and polls, and highlight outstanding student work. Supports distance learning to inspire the best outcomes in every student inside the classroom or at home.

Make the Most of Class Time - Manage multiple classroom activities all within one simple platform and customize your settings to easily access frequently used features.

Get the Most Out of Your Hardware Investment

Each licence includes : Support, Upgrades and Free Online Training

As a pioneer of classroom management software, LanSchool has been placing purposeful technology in the hands of passionate educators for over 30 years. Empowering educators to create meaningful student experiences whether students are in the classroom or learning remotely.

Monitoring makes it easy to see what individuals are working on and identify when a student may need additional assistance or encouragement to get back on task.

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Blank Screen - When technology isn’t the right tool for facilitating learning, you can blank every student’s screen and display a custom message with the click of a button. It will also lock their keyboard and mouse.

Push Website
- Instantly launch the same webpage on every device in the classroom, eliminating the need to retype, correct or walk around to help students navigate to the correct URL.

Limit Web - Keeps students safe and on task by limiting web browsing to approved websites through whitelisting, blocking unwanted websites via restricted lists, or disabling browsing when administering tests.

Messaging - Send a message to the entire class, receive questions from students or chat with learners one-on-one. Messaging makes it easy to provide encouragement, give guidance or redirect focus.

Broadcast Screen
- Forget oversized screens and projectors – with the broadcast screen tool, teachers and students can share their screens directly to other students’ computers in real-time. The student or teacher device being showcased maintains complete control of the screen and locks the other students’ keyboards and mice as they watch in full screen mode.
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