Cloud Application Security (CASB)

Censornet is the leading force in innovative and automated cloud security, empowering organisations to embrace remote working securely. Flexible, scalable, and easy to implement, protecting users no matter where they are via a single cloud security platform.

The Censornet Platform integrates email and web security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). It protects major attack surfaces through one cloud platform, rather than a multitude of siloed security products. As the platform is 'born in the cloud' it simultaneously enables better protection, flexible deployment, and simpler management.
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Censornet CASB enables your business to discover, analyse, secure and manage user interaction with cloud applications. Achieve complete visibility and control with a full-featured CASB solution and protect your modern mobile workforce. Integrated with Web Security for visibility and protection at every stage of an attack.

The Censornet CASB solution manages employees' interactions with cloud applications and protects against cloud-only-malware an increasing risk for organisations using multiple apps in the workplace, offering total web security against today's threats.

Censornet is continuously innovating and advancing the cloud security platform, to make it even more powerful and intelligent so it can address ever-evolving threats and exceed customer security requirements in a remote environment. Each solution within the platform is impeccably designed to provide customers with complete and seamless security across the cloud.

You need a CASB Solution

Cloud applications, approved or not, are transforming the way users and teams communicate, share and collaborate.
The threat landscape has changed – Cloud Access Security Brokers are no longer a nice to have.

Advanced Malware

Malware and cloud-only malware is increasing in volume and sophistication - targeting specific cloud apps.

Cloud Data Security

Files in cloud shares have overtaken large scale breaches as the number one cause of data loss.

Insider Threats & Shadow IT

Almost 50% of cloud data breaches are the result of malicious or accidental insider actions within cloud apps.

Censornet Security Awareness Training

Defend your organisation against cybercriminals and strengthen your ‘human firewall’ with Censornet's engaging, automated training. Run realistic phishing simulations, grow your staff’s cyber defence skills, and track effectiveness with detailed reports and dashboards.
Human error can topple even the most powerful defences. Give your staff the skills they need to identify and avoid cyber attacks – and strengthen your organisation’s overall security.
Discover some of the many features & benefits that come with Censornet Security Awareness Training:
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Save Money & Time

Benefit from a well run training programme without draining internal IT or learning & development teams.

Identify High Risk Users

Gain valuable data at all points within the programme to accurately identify higher-risk users.

Engaging User Experience

Bite-sized, engaging, and enjoyable cyber awareness training that doesn’t impact your team’s workload.

Simulate Cyber Threats

Gain access to existing simulations such as Microsoft 365, HMRC, Dropbox, and Deliveroo along with custom simulations.

Empower Employees

Tailored learning journeys are created to address problem areas identified in the simulation testing.

Analyse the Statistics

Get a data-backed company risk score along with trending analysis - and get an automatically prepared board report every month.

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