Qual Education 1:1 Device Programmes

For over 27 years we have been successfully delivering IT solutions to both the private, public and educational sectors. As technology has evolved, so has the means to access the latest technology.

Consequently, we have been delivering value to students, parents and staff through flexible and cost-effective technology financing solutions to enable you to move technology forward in your organisation without having to worry about additional resource, budget or risk.

Our Education technology programmes are designed with care to ensure you get the most value possible, with peace of mind that you’re financially secure. Our team of technology specialists, have the experience to ensure you choose the right package to suit your requirements!

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Equal Access



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Easy Upgrades


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Monitor Progress

Flexible Leasing:

At Qual we recognise the need and importance to move technology forward within the education sector. Although a necessity, this does often need to be balanced with budget.

With Flexible leasing, we can help educational institutions and organisations of all sizes and industries by structuring a subscription-based agreement which allows them to access the latest technology with a manageable schedule of payments. There’s no need for a sizeable upfront investment – you spread the payments over the useful life of the technology.

Staff Tech:

In today’s advancing technical world, we all need access to the latest technology. It’s not always possible to go out and buy the latest devices, however it’s crucial to attract and keep the best talent.

Qual’s Staff Tech programme is a fully managed salary sacrifice programme which can be tailored for you. Employees can access up to 35% off the latest laptops and tablets, boosting morale at no cost to your organisation.

Education LaptopEducation Laptop

Technology for Learners:

Modern classrooms are driven by technology. Whether you’re a primary, secondary or multi-academy trust, you have the same responsibility to prepare students for the tech-driven world. It’s becoming increasingly vital to provide students with consistent access to personal learning devices. The challenge is delivering this in a way that doesn’t impact your budget, resources or infrastructure.

Technology for Learners helps you put the latest devices in the hands of your students at no risk or no cost to your school. Driven by parental payments and with no personal credit checks, there’s no need to dip into your budget. The devices are managed by you – meaning there’s no compromise to your infrastructure that you might get with a BYOD programme

Personal Tech Finance Programmes:

Students need consistent access to a reliable personal learning device that will help them succeed. For the institution, providing a 1:1 device is often not realistic. Costs associated with higher education rising all the time, buying the latest devices isn’t realistic for students or parents either. Qual’s Personal Tech Finance programme provides students access to the latest technology they need to enhance their learning experience. With a fully managed personal finance programme, Qual creates a custom branded portal to student marketing just for you.

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