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Palo Alto and Exclusive Networks

Palo Alto Networks have launched two brand new products, the PA5450 and PA400. brand-new architectures allows partners to offer highly scalable, hi-performance Palo Alto Networks protection, at a great price point.

PA-400 Series

The PA-400 Series runs the same software as all Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. This means that we offer enterprise level security at a low price point. The PA-400 series brings together the world’s first ML-Powered Next Generation Firewall capabilities with, better performance, better scalability and simple deployment with optional Zero Touch Provisioning. Making this a fantastic option for smaller teams who need time back, from across distributed branch offices.

PA-5450 Series

The PA-5450 Series is a highly scalable architecture with a much more compact footprint. Palo Alto Networks have really listened to the customer requirements with this product, making it more flexible, scalable, and affordable than ever. It extends visibility and security to all devices, including unmanaged IoT devices, without the need to deploy additional security. This option is a very affordable option for hyperscale data centres, internet edge and campus segmentation deployments.

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How Exclusive Networks and Palo Alto Networks could help you!

How many different devices are you running on your network? What if you could reduce that number, the manual labour going between each system, and your attack surface? We offer tightly integrated innovations and services on our next-generation firewall to replace disconnected tools and simplify security. Our rules are based on content, application, and user, not IPs and ports that enables you to more intuitively run and protect your business

These devices hugely help with long term managment factors like ease of use and automation by using machine learning and automated response therefore getting rid of a lot of manual tasks.