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Censornet is the leading force in innovative and automated cloud security, empowering organisations to embrace remote working, securely. Flexible, scalable, and easy to implement, protecting users no matter where they are via a single cloud security platform.

The Censornet Platform integrates email and web security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). It protects major attack surfaces through one cloud platform, rather than a multitude of siloed security products. As the platform is ‘born in the cloud’ it simultaneously enables better protection, flexible deployment, and simpler management.

Cyber Security

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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

The Censornet CASB solution manages employee’s interactions with cloud applications and protects against cloud-only malware – an increasing risk for organisations using multiple apps in the workplace, offering total web security against today’s threats.

Censornet is continuously innovating and advancing the cloud security platform, to make it even more powerful and intelligent so it can address ever-evolving threats and exceed customer security requirements in a remote environment. Each solution within the platform is impeccably designed to provide customers with complete and seamless security across the cloud.