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Circular Computing

Sustainable laptops without a compromise

Circular Computing's carbon neutral remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops deliver 97% of the performance and up to 40% cost savings compared to brand new latest models. Remanufactured not refurbiushed are two completely different things remanufacturing is the new high end alternative to "refurbished" products and a viable alternative to buying a set of "new" laptops


Circular Computing are HUGE on sustainability and being environmentally friendly and not just by helping businesses be carbon neutral by purchasing their computers. To help further they also plant 5 trees for every one computer purchased the end product of their remanufactured laptops enables significant sustainability benefits not just for businesses but also for the planet.

We believe that sustainability is about balancing people, planet and profits. Sustainable IT, also known as Green IT, covers the manufacturing, use, management and disposal of information technology in a way that minimises its impact on the environment. We understand the need for laptops and technology. We do not understand throwing away a perfectly functional laptop simply because it is a few years old and the warranty has run out.