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Deep Instinct

Full protection, with a prevention first approach

Using deep learning, Deep Instinct offers a predictive threat prevention platform. The multi-layer protection is provisioned across pre, on, and post-execution stages. It is based on a prevention first approach, followed by detection and response, automatic analysis and remediation.

Unlike detection and response based cybersecurity solutions, which wait for the execution of the attack to react, our advanced preventative approach proactively keeps our customers protected by preventing the attack from entering and causing any damage.

Cyber Security

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  • Instantaneous response
  • Threats stopped at pre-execution before they write to disk, ransomware before it encrypts
  • Unknown threat decisions made on the spot - no cloud response wait time

  • No human dependencies to find threats
  • Suspicious vs malicious threats detected with unmatched efficacy
  • Vast neural network trained on hundreds of millions of files

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  • Customer commitment underwritten by Munich Re
  • Industry’s lowest false positive ratio (0.1%)
  • Ransomware warranty up to $3M
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Protection Unlimited

By using deep learning, we are able to predict and prevent any kind of threat – known and unknown – anywhere in zero-time. Every endpoint, server, mobile device, network and operating system is protected against any type of attack, be it fileless or file-based. This advanced approach to threat prevention ensures that attacks are identified and blocked before any damage can be caused.

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