Qual-MS-NET - Networking

MSP offers triple protection through multilayered email security, compliance archiving, and cloud-to-cloud backup capabilities. License per user, per month.
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Manufacturer Qual MSP
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    Key Features

    Email security
    • Real-time network mapping & inventoryQuickly discover & audit new networks. Then, stay in the loop—you’ll always know exactly what’s where, even as users & devices move.
    • Automated config backup & restore on network devicesMitigate network risk with no manual effort.
    • Deep insights into network traffic & flowsQuickly solve network bottlenecks & spot potential security vulnerabilities.
    • Automated network monitoringSee and solve issues—before they become big problems.
    • Secure remote access to network devicesManage the network from anywhere you are.
    • Full visibility & powerful troubleshooting featuresEmpower team members at all levels to resolve problems hours faster.
    • Integrations with systems you use every dayImprove the efficiency of your team’s workflow with integrations into ticketing systems, remote management systems, documentation and reporting tools, chat apps, and more.
    • Fast & easy to installDeploy a collector in minutes. No new hardware, no onerous configuration.
    • Vendor-neutralSupport for 15,000 devices from 700+ vendors—& growing.

    Qual MSP Networking

    A Qual account allows for multiple users. Each user has their own login credentials. The account administrator(s) can specify whether users should have full access to view and change things on the network or read-only access. Users with permissions to define other users’ roles can further specify which client networks each user has access to.

    Role-based access controls

    Qual offers granular role-based access controls. Each user is designated a specific role on each client account. As a starting point, Qual offers seven preset roles. You can tailor each of these presets, as well as add custom roles you build yourself.

    Application Programming Interface (API) access

    The Interface exposes a set of APIs for integrators to tap into. Data accessed through the API is requested through a specified username and bearer token and is scoped to the set of client networks the user has access to.

    For system-driven integrations, Qual also provides the ability to create an API-only user that revokes the ability to access any data through the interface other than the user’s profile information.

    Bearer tokens can be (re)generated or revoked from within a user’s profile.

    Support access

    Qual support team members usually need at least read-only access to your account to investigate and troubleshoot issues. You can grant the Qual support group one of three access levels:

    1) Read-only 2) Admin (read/write) 3) No access

    These access levels can be set globally (across all clients) or per client. The default access level is read-only.

    Two-factor authentication

    For additional security, Qual offers two-factor authentication through AuthAnvil or the time-based one-time password (TOTP) algorithm. TOTP ensures compatibility with mobile apps like Authy and Google Authenticator.

    Two-factor authentication can be applied globally—making it required for all clients and all users under an account—or individually per client or user. We strongly recommend that administrators enable and make mandatory two-factor authentication.

    As a best practice, all Qual staff are required to use two-factor authentication when they log into the system.

    Single sign-on

    Qual provides single sign-on capabilities that leverage the OAuth protocol through providers such as Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. You can enable single sign-on after receiving your initial invitation to Qual or later through your user profile.

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